Fine Arts Work Center Renovation

November 8, 2021 | View Project |

The vision for the Fine Arts Work Center (FAWC) in Provincetown is nearing completion. FAWC is a nonprofit organization that supports writers and visual artists. The Center is known for their residency program, fellowship grants, cultural events, and exhibitions for emerging creatives. Partnering with the building committee, Flansburgh Architects is renovating a space that unites the public and artist community. Bruce Danzer, a Flansburgh Architects interior designer, went into the project knowing that “it’s really going to be a time of invention for us, rethinking how things happen.” A major goal of the project is to improve acoustics and sight lines in the building. The community at FAWC is vibrant, and Flansburgh Architects aims to create a space that enables artists and writers.

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