MSBA Approved David Mindess Elementary

November 2, 2020 |

After months of hard work and planning, the David Mindess Elementary school in Ashland, MA has been approved by the MSBA. The school opened in 1954 with a 3-5 grade configuration and will have an enrollment of 635 students. Currently, the building has structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues and does not support 21st century learning. The State Treasurer, Deborah Goldberg, and Executive Director, John McCarthy, announced that the board has approved a $26,270,187 grant for the new school to be built on the existing site. With a project budget of $84,387,000 and 104,885 square feet of building space, McCarthy said the “Ashland students will soon have a beautiful new space which will undoubtedly enhance and improve their ability to excel in the classroom.” Next, the District and the MSBA will come to a Project Funding Agreement to detail the project’s budget and scope.