Hawaiian Youth Support Center

November 15, 2021 |

The Lili‘uokalani Center, a Hawaiian Youth Center, is being designed by Flansburgh Architects. The building will benefit Native Hawaiian youth with a renovated space that will serve up to 300 children at a time. This organization and partnership serves about 10,000 children and young adults at 13 facilities scattered through six islands. The Center will provide the youth opportunities to live a healthy and happy life while contributing to the community. Ellise Fujii believes that “it will be a safe space located in urban Honolulu where Kamalii (children) are inspired to pursue their dreams.” This project will also bring jobs, hiring about 100 staff members to help operate the Center and programs that will be grounded in Hawaiian culture. The programs will include arts, sports, entrepreneurship, and technology. The construction is aimed to begin next summer with a finish date in 2024.

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