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St. John's Preparatory School | Master Plan

Master Plan for Grade 6–12 Campus | Danvers, Massachusetts

St. John’s Prep is a single sex college preparatory Catholic day school located in Danvers, MA. Its 175-acre (71 hectare) campus serves 1,150 boys in grades 9-12. Flansburgh completed a campus master plan to address initiatives and issues ranging from developing a new wellness facility, accommodating a new middle school program, evaluating the existing arts spaces, analyzing zoning regulations, addressing parking, and reviewing strategic land acquisitions.

The campus Master Plan makes seven important recommendations:

  • Renovate Benjamin Hall into a middle school and construct a new STEM center for the high school. These two projects have since been completed.
  • Renovate Memorial Gymnasium to become a middle school gymnasium and con­struct a new Wellness Center for the high school. The Wellness Center is currently under construction.
  • Expand the arts facilities.
  • Transform Memorial Dining Hall into a welcoming student commons shared by high school and middle school students.
  • Organize new facilities around a large central oval that strengthens a sense of campus.
  • Concentrate outdoor athletic facilities on the northern half of campus and concen­trate academic facilities on the southern half of campus.
  • Create a campus loop road perimeter parking areas to minimize conflicts between vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

Through an inclusive and interactive process, we developed the final plan using physical and 3D com­puter models. We suggested a phased approach to realize the plan and provided a step-by-step schedule, including cost estimates for each phase and a digital animation for use as a fundraising tool.

Time Span 2012
Type Master Plan for Grade 6–12 Campus
Client St. John's Preparatory School
Size 175 acres
Design Team David Croteau, Principal-in-Charge; Kent Kovacs, Project Manager

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