Project Detail

The Perkiomen School | Student Center

New Student Center | Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1875, Perkiomen is a highly innovative 6-12 independent school with an enrollment of 330 students, half of which board. The school affords the best of a liberal arts education while cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in its students. It promotes active inquiry and problem-solving, making education relevant and exportable to a future we cannot predict. 

The new Student Center is envisioned as a place where students apply and share what they’ve learned in music rehearsal rooms, video production studios, e-gaming suites, and a teaching kitchen. The new center will also be home to the Artificial Intelligence Institute, one of three institutes at Perkiomen that combine coursework with direct application in specific areas of focus. And, it will support the visual arts program with four visual arts studios including digital arts and advanced study. The building shape is defined by campus connections, including pathways through the building that connect campus buildings to one another.

This distinctive outdoor music venue will offer a casual, bright, and cheerful atmosphere for students, faculty, and friends.  A backdrop of an amphitheater with tables, chairs to lounge in, and an easily transformable performance space facing the student center, all overlooking an open campus green.

 Kehs Hall is dedicated to music, theater, and dance.  Practice rooms and an ensemble choral/band area look out on the outdoor music venue.  The glass walls along with the large glass exterior windows invite interest and promote participation.

Beneath cool shade trees and nestled within the heart of the campus will lie a space for informal gatherings and recreation.  Highlights of this area will include a basketball court, ping pong tables, a firepit, swings, four-square and a gaga ball court. The tiered seating built into the gentle slope will help define the space, adding an element of intimacy.  An area for students of all ages to assemble for play, spectate, and converse.  

Client The Perkiomen School